How to apply for driving licence in NSW

There are a few steps needed before you can get a full licence in NSW. The actual time of getting a licence is about 36 months, and the time can be reduced if you have a driving in other countries.

Anyone who is over 16 years old will be able to get Learner licence after passing the eyesight test and Driving Knowledge Test. He or she will be a new learner. If his or her age is under 25, a 12 months learning driving period at least with 120 hours learning record is required to apply for Road Test (DART). The minimum age for Road Test is full 17 years old with 80km/hr speed limit. The Learning licence has a 5-year validity of period.

Provisional licence (P1 & P2)

After you passed Road Test, you will have a Provisional licence 1 (P1) with an 18-month validity of period and 90km/h highest speed limit. You will then be qualified to try passing HPT after 11 months. It is computer based simulation test, and its aim is to test your safety awareness on the road. After passing the test, you will have a Provisional licence 2(P2) with a 30 month valid period. After another 23 months, you will be qualified to try passing DQT. With the passing of DQT, you will then gain a Full licence. During the period of holding P2 licence, your highest speed limit is 100km/h.

Full licence

Full licence has different valid periods of 12, 36 or 60 months with highest speed limit of 110km/h.

Questions of computer based test (DKT)

There are 45 questions in DKT test chosen from total of 600 ones. Among them, there are 15 driving knowledge questions (you have to pass at least 12 of them), and 30 road safety questions including 10 traffic sign questions (you are only allowed to fail one question). The minimum age for DKT test is 16 years old. We have updated the latest simulated questions on our website in English. No download is needed. Please click here.

Questions about road test

During the Road Test, the actual driving time is about 40 minutes and the testing officer will ask you to do two movements as below,

A, Kerb side stop (a slope start is required if it is a up hill situation);

B, Three Point Turn;

C, Reverse Parking;

Among the above three movements, A and one of B or C will be chosen. During the test, the officer will only give you a direction with no further instruction. If any instruction given during the test, it means you have failed the test. The details of test contents can be found in “Guide to Driving Test”.

How to apply for the driving test

Any one who is interested in the Driving Test please click

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How to apply for an Australian driving licence when you have an overseas licence

If you hold an overseas driving licence and want to apply for NSW driving licence, you will need to pass DKT first. You will then need to pass the Road Test. Please bring your overseas licence with a translated copy (Please notice it must be translated in Australia) to the Road Test. Once you have passed the Test, you will have your driving licence granted by RTA accordingly.

In case you only want to drive cars in Australia temporarily with your overseas licence and are not ready to apply for NSW licence, then Your licence must be written in English or, if the licence is not in English, you must also carry an English translation or an International Driving Permit with your licence when driving.

If you need a qualified translator to translate your driving licence, please go to The Service NSW website.