1. This bridge has only just enough room for two vehicles. As you come close to it you should -

a) Slow down and pay extra attention.
b) Sound your horn to warn the other driver.
c) Maintain your speed, keeping to the limit.

2. Which side mirror is adjusted best?

a) Mirror A.
b) Mirror B.
c) Mirror C.

3. You should be particularly careful at this intersection because -

a) It looks a bit tricky.
b) Intersections cause crashes.
c) The building blocks a good view of the side street.

4. You are in busy traffic and slow down for a bicycle rider. A driver behind you beeps a horn and pressures you to go around the bike and drive faster. How should you respond?

a) Resist the pressure, stay calm and overtake the cyclist when it is safe.
b) Overtake the bike quickly and speed up to stop the other driver becoming aggressive.
c) Go slower because the slower you go the safer you are.

5. You hear the siren of an ambulance approaching you from behind. You should -

a) Slow down to the speed of other traffic.
b) Move into the left lane.
c) Continue at the same speed.

6. You are driving along this road. You hear an ambulance's siren and see the ambulance in your mirror. You should-

a) Move to the right and make way for the ambulance.
b) Turn into a driveway on the right hand side of the road.
c) Move to the left and make way for the ambulance.

7. You are about to make a right hand turn at this intersection. You have the green light. You hear a siren and then see that a fire truck will soon overtake you. You should -

a) Stop and let the fire truck overtake you.
b) Continue and make the turn because you have the right of way.
c) Speed up to beat the fire truck.

8. When you come across roadworks -

a) You only have to obey the signs during working hours.
b) You only have to obey the signs when there are workers about.
c) You must obey the signs that are displayed at all times.

9. Generally, if you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle you should -

a) Pull over to the left until the emergency vehicle passes.
b) Immediately come to a stop.
c) Let the emergency vehicle pass and follow it closely behind.

10. You are approaching a green light in vehicle A. An ambulance sounding its siren is approaching the same intersection and has a red light. You should -

a) Slow down and stop if necessary to prevent getting in its way.
b) Keep driving because you have the green light.
c) Pull over to the left before you reach the intersection.

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