1. You are approaching an intersection that has a red light camera. The lights turn yellow when you are too close to stop safely. The lights go red as you get to the other side of the intersection. Will you receive a penalty notice?

a) No, because the camera only takes a photo if you cross the stop line after the lights turn red.
b) Possibly, because you were in the intersection when the lights turned red.
c) Yes, but a driver is entitled to advise the Police Service and have the case heard by a court.

2. You are driving on a freeway and realise you forgot something at home. You want to go back for it. Can you do a U-turn on this road?

a) Yes, providing you use the gravel joining roads.
b) No, not at any time.
c) Yes, any time.

3. You have a six year old child with you in your car. You have just parked so you can collect a prescription from the chemist. You should -

a) Ask an older person sitting nearby to watch the child.
b) Leave the child in the car.
c) Take the child with you.

4. You want to leave your automatic car parked on a street sloping uphill. You should -

a) Turn the wheels away from the kerb.
b) Park only on flat areas.
c) Put the handbrake on and put the transmission in "P" (park).

5. Which vehicle is parked correctly?

a) Vehicle A.
b) Vehicle C
c) Vehicle B.

6. You have just passed this sign. Can you park on this road?

a) Yes.
b) Yes, but only in daylight hours.
c) No, not at any time.

7. Where there are double dividing lines, you may park -

a) At least three metres from the dividing lines.
b) At least two metres from the dividing lines.
c) One metre from the dividing lines.

8. If there are no signs or markings to advise you, can you choose any of these methods of parking?

a) Yes, N is best but M and O are quite legal.
b) Yes. M, N and O are all legal.
c) No, only N is correct.

9. You should angle park -

a) Where there is plenty of room from the centre line.
b) Where the road is very wide.
c) Where there are markings or a sign indicating angle park.

10. You are approaching a bridge with this sign facing you. There is a car on the bridge coming towards you. What should you do?

a) Stop and wait till the car has left the bridge.
b) Wait until the car has got past the narrowest part of the bridge.
c) Drive on to the bridge slowly and carefully.

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