1. You want to turn right at an intersection and see this traffic light. You should -

a) Stay behind the stop line until the green arrow shows.
b) Enter the intersection and wait for the green arrow.
c) Move forward slowly.

2. You wish to turn left at this intersection. The traffic lights are red and you see this sign. You should -

a) Stop until the light turns green.
b) Stop, then if you see it is safe turn left.
c) Stop then go straight ahead.

3. You wish to turn left at this intersection and the traffic lights are green. What should you do?

a) Enter the intersection and sound the horn.
b) Move forward slowly, make the left turn and wait behind car A.
c) Wait behind the stop line until there is room for you to enter the new road.

4. As you approach a set of traffic lights at an intersection, they change from green to yellow (amber). You must:

a) Drive through the intersection without accelerating.
b) Accelerate to clear the intersection before the lights change to red.
c) Stop before the lights, unless you are so close that sudden braking might cause an accident.


5. When you see this sign you should -

a) Drive with caution.
b) Not drive beyond the sign.
c) Not pass another vehicle.

6. This sign means you should -

a) Pass to the left of the sign.
b) Turn left at next street.
c) Drive carefully, roundabout ahead.

7. What does this sign mean?

a) All right lane traffic must turn right at the next intersection.
b) One way traffic ahead.
c) Right lane traffic may turn right or go straight ahead at the next intersection.

8. What does this sign mean?

a) Double lane bridge ahead.
b) No turns permitted.
c) Traffic travels in each direction.

9. When you see this sign you must -

a) Beware of turning traffic.
b) Not turn right.
c) Not turn around and go back.

10. What does this sign mean?

a) You must not turn to the right.
b) You may turn to the right.
c) You must give way to traffic on your right.

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