1. Which one of the following statements is correct? Seat belts -

a) Save lives and prevent injury.
b) Do not have to be used in the rear seat.
c) Are not necessary for good drivers.

2. If there is a 2 year old child in the car while you are driving and the child is not wearing a seat belt, who is responsible?

a) The driver.
b) The child.
c) The parent of the child.

3. Seat belts and child restraints (eg baby capsules and child seats) -

a) Are only needed on short trips.
b) Are only needed on long trips.
c) Must always be worn properly, and adjusted tightly.

4. Child restraints (eg, baby capsules and child seats) -

a) Are not as safe as holding a child in your arms.
b) Should be fitted according to the manufacturers' instructions.
c) Need only be used if the child wants to sleep.

5. You are driving a vehicle that only has a seat belt for the driver. To reduce the danger of being in a vehicle without a seat belt, where is the best place for passengers to sit?

a) In the front seat.
b) In the back seat.
c) In the front seat sharing your seat belt.

6. Once you have fastened your seat belt you should make sure it fits -

a) Firmly across your pelvis and chest.
b) Loosely across your stomach and chest.
c) Very loosely so it doesn't cramp your driving.

7. When passengers get in the car and do not put their seat belts on, the safest thing to do is -

a) Tell them the car has seat belts and they should wear them.
b) Drive slower than you normally would so the passengers are safe.
c) Say nothing because it's the passengers' responsibility to wear their seat belts.

8. You want to give a lift to a friend and his four month old baby. Before you do, you need to make sure -

a) You have a baby restraint properly fitted to your vehicle.
b) You have enough seat belts for all the passengers, including the baby.
c) Your driver's licence permits you to carry children under the age of twelve months.

9. Baby restraints, such as the one shown, are for babies -

a) Who are old enough to walk and talk.
b) Who are any age up to and including 5 years old.
c) Who weigh less than 9 kg (usually under 6 months old).

10. You want to fit a baby restraint to your car. What should you secure the restraint to?

a) Any seat belt in the back or front of the car.
b) An anchorage point designed for a baby restraint.
c) Only at the back using the seat belt provided.

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