1. On a single laned road (as shown), you must always overtake another vehicle on its right except when -

a) You are travelling at more than 80 km/h.
b) The other vehicle is turning right.
c) The other vehicle is going slower than you.

2. A driver behind you signals their intention to overtake your car. What should you do?

a) Speed up so that the driver will not have to overtake.
b) Keep to the left and let that driver overtake you.
c) Signal the driver to remain behind you if it is travelling too fast.

3. The faster the vehicle in front of you is travelling, the -

a) Less time you need to overtake.
b) Closer you must get before starting to overtake.
c) More distance and time you need to overtake.

4. If you are not sure you have enough distance to overtake a vehicle ahead, you should -

a) Sound your horn to signal the driver ahead to slow down.
b) Put the vehicle in a lower gear and speed up.
c) Wait for a better opportunity with more distance to overtake.

5. When being overtaken by another vehicle what should you do to help?

a) Brake quickly to let the other vehicle overtake.
b) Keep left and allow plenty of room to let the other vehicle back in.
c) Move to the left and stop.

6. You are in the purple vehicle, you may overtake the vehicle in front -

a) On either side.
b) Not at anytime.
c) Only on its right-hand side.

7. Before beginning to overtake another vehicle, you should -

a) Check to see it is safe, change gear if necessary, and signal your intention before moving out.
b) Signal and slow down so you will have more room to overtake.
c) Sound your horn, move out and overtake.

8. You are driving behind a long vehicle (as shown) which has a sign saying DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE. The long vehicle indicates that it is going to turn left. You -

a) May pass the truck because it cannot turn left from the middle lane.
b) May move to the left-hand side of the road and pass the long vehicle.
c) Must let the long vehicle turn first.

9. What is the maximum number of demerit points that you can have on a provisional P2 licence before the licence is suspended -

a) 6.
b) 3.
c) 12.

10. Under the points system, you may lose your licence (not provisional) if you reach a total of -

a) 12 points in three years.
b) 4 points in one year.
c) 10 points in two years.

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