1. When the road is marked this way are you permitted to cross the lines and overtake?

a) No.
b) Yes.
c) Yes, only if the way ahead is clear.

2. When starting to overtake you see the dividing lines ahead change to double unbroken lines. What should you do?

a) Continue to overtake because you started when the line was broken.
b) Do not overtake because you are not permitted to overtake on double lines.
c) Keep overtaking and cut in in front of the other car as soon as possible.

3. This driver is turning left and has crossed the edge lines. Is this permitted?

a) Yes, only if there is oncoming traffic.
b) Yes.
c) No.

4. You want to turn left at this intersection. There is an edge line that continues through the intersection. Are you permitted to turn here?

a) Yes, you can cross an edge line to turn into or out of a street.
b) No, not under any circumstances.
c) Yes, only if you are in a taxi, hire car, bus or you live in that street.

5. The driver has just made a left turn at the intersection. The path the driver took is shown. Why is the path not correct?

a) The driver was not allowed to turn left.
b) The driver crossed the edge line when making the turn. This is not permitted.
c) The driver should have crossed over the edge line 30 metres before the turn.

6. Before changing lanes you should -

a) Signal for at least two seconds and quickly change lanes.
b) Speed up so you are going faster than the traffic in the other lane.
c) Signal in plenty of time, check your mirrors and look over your shoulder for other vehicles.

7. You drive into a transit lane where the T2 rule applies. You have one passenger plus yourself. Are you permitted to remain in the transit lane?

a) Yes, you have two people in your car so you can drive in this lane.
b) No, because you only have one passenger you must move out of the transit lane immediately.
c) Yes, you can remain in the transit lane, but only if you are turning left in 250 metres.

8. You change lanes and then see you are in a lane where the T3 rule applies. There is no other traffic in this lane. You have one passenger. What should you do?

a) Immediately pull over to the left and stop. Then wait until it is safe to continue in another lane.
b) Keep driving in the T3 lane because there is no other traffic in it.
c) Change lanes as soon as it is safe because you are not permitted to travel in a T3 lane with only two people in your car.

9. You are approaching the start of a T2 transit lane. You are the only person in the car. You want to turn left at the next intersection 200 metres away. Can you travel in the transit lane at this point?

a) No, because you can only travel in the transit lane if the intersection you are turning left at is within 100 metres.
b) Yes, because you only have a short distance to drive.
c) Yes, if there is no traffic behind you.

10. You are in car marked Y and want to turn right using a median turning lane. A car marked O, coming towards you, is already in the median lane; it is slowing down and indicating. Are you permitted to enter and share the median turning lane?

a) Yes, but you must be prepared to slow down and stop.
b) No, if another car is already in the median turning lane you must not use it.
c) Yes, but only if you race the other car and get to the turning position first.

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