1. Double unbroken dividing lines are marked on a roadway. You may -

a) Cross them to turn into a driveway or property, if it is safe to do so.
b) Cross them to overtake a car ahead if it is safe to do so.
c) Cross them to make a U turn.

2. You are on an open country road with double unbroken dividing lines. There are no side streets and no entrances to properties. Are you allowed to cross the dividing lines?

a) No, not under any circumstances.
b) Yes, to overtake another vehicle.
c) Yes, to overtake a pedal cyclist.

3. A section of road is marked with double unbroken dividing lines as in the diagram. When is a vehicle allowed to cross these lines?

a) To overtake a slow vehicle ahead.
b) When there is no traffic coming the other way.
c) To enter or leave a street or driveway.

4. When driving in traffic lanes (as shown in the diagram), you may change your lane -

a) Without looking, provided you use your indicator
b) Only when it is safe to do so.
c) Provided you sound your horn to warn other drivers

5. When two lanes merge into one (as shown in the diagram), who should give way?

a) The faster vehicle.
b) The vehicle which has to cross the lane line.
c) The vehicle in the right-hand lane because it is overtaking.

6. Looking at the diagram, which vehicle must give way?

a) Vehicle B.
b) Either vehicle, there is no rule on giving way when merging.
c) Vehicle A.

7. You must use your indicator lights when -

a) Changing lanes at any time.
b) There is a right-hand bend in the road.
c) Driving across a railway level crossing.

8. If you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, you must -

a) Take whatever action is necessary (with safety) to make way for the emergency vehicle.
b) Flash your headlights to warn other drivers.
c) Increase your speed to avoid the vehicle.

9. You are in car marked A. You wish to overtake car marked B. You should -

a) Cross the line and overtake only if it is safe.
b) Cross the unbroken single line and overtake.
c) Wait behind car B until it moves into the left lane.

10. When the road is marked this way are you permitted to cross the lines to overtake the bicycle rider if the way forward is clear?

a) Yes.
b) No.
c) Yes, only if it is one-way traffic.

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