1. Can a P1 or P2 provisional driver legally instruct a learner driver?

a) Yes, provided the provisional driver has held a P2 licence for more than 6 months.
b) No.
c) Yes,provided L and P1 or P2 plates are displayed.

2. To progress to a P2 provisional licence, a P1 provisional driver must hold a P1 licence for a minimum period of -

a) 18 months.
b) 12 months.
c) 24 months.

3. When may you sound the horn of your vehicle?

a) Prior to overtaking, or as a warning of danger to any road user.
b) To signal the driver ahead to drive faster.
c) As a greeting to someone you know.

4. If one or two of your wheels run off the edge of the roadway, you should -

a) Increase your speed and drive back on the road.
b) Slow down quickly by braking hard.
c) Slow down gradually and ease back onto the road.

5. If there are no lanes marked on the road, you should drive -

a) Anywhere on your side of the road.
b) Near to the left-hand side of the road.
c) Along the middle of the road.

6. What must you do before entering a road from a driveway?

a) Stop and give way only to vehicles.
b) Stop and give way to all vehicles and pedestrians.
c) Blow your horn to warn other road users.

7. If you breakdown on a freeway, you should -

a) Stay where you are and wait for a tow truck.
b) Move over to the emergency lane on the shoulder to the left.
c) Move into the right-hand lane, so you can be seen.

8. If you intend to turn left, are you required to give a signal?

a) Yes, if turn signals are fitted to your vehicle.
b) No, if turning left from a lane marked left turn only.
c) No, if arrows are marked on the roadway.

9. What is meant by this sign on or near a bridge?

a) Stop at all times before crossing the bridge and only give way to pedestrians who may be crossing.
b) Do not overtake a vehicle travelling in the same direction.
c) Slow down and be prepared to give way to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.

10. When reversing, you should -

a) Unbuckle your seat belt so you can reverse as quickly as possible
b) Take care and never reverse for a greater distance and time than is necessary.
c) Sound your horn to warn other drivers.

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