1. Even if you feel unaffected after drinking alcohol, you should -

a) Be aware that your abilities are decreased.
b) Drive, but avoid using freeways.
c) Spend more time than usual looking in the mirrors.

2. Is a licensed driver who is instructing a learner driver allowed to be under the influence of a drug, including alcohol?

a) No - not at any time.
b) Yes - only the learner driver is responsible.
c) Yes - provided they have taken alcohol only.

3. Alcohol is a depressant. This means -

a) It makes you calm down and think more clearly.
b) It speeds your brain up so you can work better.
c) It slows down how quickly your brain works.

4. After drinking alcohol you could -

a) Be able to drive the same as you normally can.
b) Misjudge speed (your own and others).
c) Be able to pay close attention to details in the traffic.

5. You are going to a party where everyone is drinking alcohol. What can you do to lower the risk of being in an alcohol related crash on the way home?

a) Take your car, try not to drink too much alcohol and then drive home.
b) Get a taxi or other public transport there and back, or organise for someone to pick you up.
c) Organise a lift home with someone from the party.

6. If you are going out and going to drink alcohol, the best way to avoid having to drink and drive is to -

a) Organise before hand a way of getting home where you are not the driver.
b) After you have had a few drinks, start to think about how you will get home.
c) Wait for one hour after your last drink before you drive home.

7. When drivers have been drinking, the crashes they are involved in are generally -

a) More serious.
b) Less serious.
c) About the same.

8. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, how many serious crashes involve alcohol?

a) About 50%.
b) About 30%.
c) About 10%.

9. When you are counting your drinks to stay below the alcohol limit, you must be very careful with mixed drinks because -

a) They contain carbonated water.
b) They may contain alcohol which is colourless.
c) They may contain more than one nip of spirits.

10. What is the safest way to stay under the legal alcohol limit?

a) Buying a breathalyser (alcohol measuring instrument).
b) Not drinking any alcohol.
c) Exercising and drinking black coffee.

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