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Sydney Driver Training Centre has successfully helped thousands of students to pass their driving exams and get licences.  With our rich teaching experiences, our centre can make sure that our students will learn their driving skills in a safe and proficient way.  We can help you to drive with your newly learned confidence and can benefit you in the rest of your life.

Since RTA modified its driving test standard in December 2007, we have also adjusted our driving instructions according to the new requirements of the driving test. With high quality service and unique method, we can quickly customize your learning course according to your own skill level. Our one to one driving tutorial will enable you to learn how to drive by yourself faster.

Since Dec 19 2009, 10 hours driving under our specialized driving instructors will be the same of 30 hours in your driving records.

We can also develop customized courses for those students who are extremely afraid of driving. These courses can overcome their fear and enable them to drive as any other normal person.


Formed by instructors with rich experiences, Sydney Driver Training Centre has created a set of effective driving instruction methods over the years of teaching people to drive.

Main Function

Not only Sydney Driver Training Centre helps you gain driving licence, but also and more important, we are here to enable you driving safely and to protect yourself in driving. Each of instructors knows our responsibilities above. We also clearly understand that your purpose of investing your money to learn how to drive is to drive a car as well as driving safely now and in future. We have made above our utmost mission.

For people who learn driving for the first time aim is to train their abilities of control and judgment. We will enable them to master the various changes on the road and make their own decisions accordingly to improve the confidence of driving safely.

For people who have overseas driving licenses and are ready to apply for Australia driving licence, our aim is to help you understand the differences between driving in Australia and where they are from. After getting to know more driving laws and regulations of Australia, these students will have the confidence to be able to drive safely and skillfully in this vast country.

Teaching methods

Since the adjustment of RTA Driving Test that focuses more on the reaction of road situation, our teaching plan has also changed accordingly. When you have learned the initial skills of controlling the car, we will step by step to let you drive on the routine test roads according to your actual driving skills. The routine test lasts about half an hour and the actual driving time will be around 40 minutes

Under our training, we don’t require you to remember by heart of the testing courses, and not even wish you to do so. The reason is when you try to remember the roads and driving according to the memory, your reaction is not normal. What is more is each RTA has more then 10 testing courses. Theoretically speaking, RTA can combine the roads to form any new testing course. Our requirement is to help you make right judgment on the actual road situation and use your own intelligence to skillfully control the car, thus to enjoy the fun of driving.

Teaching areas

In all areas of Sydney, our centre has qualified instructors. They can help you to meet the requirements of driving in Australia.